Site Contamination By Manhattan Tunnel Project

The parents who organized and partially financed the MTP had strong emotional links to the McMartin case. Jackie McGauley, one of the primary organizers, was hardly an objective participant. That other parents connected with the project were also emotionally charged is made clear by Hobbs:

Some of the parents I talked to, who would have probably attempted to kill him [i.e., presumably Ray Buckey] in the beginning, had rationalized over the 6 years that if they did it would be the worst thing they could do for their children. So, we started looking for the tunnels. (Hobbs stated this during the course of my interview with him.)

During the course of the MTP, Ted Gunderson, the former FBI agent who coordinated that project, had political ties to right-wing groups that espouse bizarre conspiracy theories to further their political agendas. Gunderson's credibility as an objective participant is severely diminished by a reported past history of questionable or false claims (see Conclusion). Gunderson's credibility is clouded further by an apparent conflict of interest due to a romantic association between himself and Jackie McGauley prior to and during the project.

Political and personal conflicts pose potential problems for any archeological project. Such problems can be avoided in large part by maintaining a site's integrity, i.e., keeping parties with a vested interest in the outcome of the project off the site.

It was not enough, however, that the parents of the McMartin preschool children were, in principle, prohibited from doing any actual excavation work.157 For in practice this prohibition proved ineffective. The geologist who worked on the site states that there were from 1 to 8 parents on the site during the 5 to 10 times he was present. "Unquestionably, the people [i.e., parents] were emotionally deeply involved."158

The Dark Truth About the "Dark Tunnels of McMartin"

bulletThe Beginning
bulletThe Accusation
bulletThe Letter
bulletChildren's Institute International
bulletHysteria Spreads
bulletNews Media Coverage and National Hysteria
bulletFollowing the Money
bulletDr. Roland C. Summit
bulletSatanic Trappings and the Search for The Secret Rooms and Tunnels
bulletIncredibly Weak Evidence
bulletSummit Defends MacFarlane's Interviews of the McMartin Children, Without Reviewing the Interviews
bulletJudy Johnson's Increasingly Bizarre Behavior
bulletThe Trial Verdicts
bulletParents Begin Search For Tunnels
bulletRevisionist History: Judy Johnson and The Dark Tunnels of McMartin
bulletThe Third McMartin Trial
bulletEthics, Professors, Indiana Jones, Switzerland, and Early (Very Early) Man
bulletTunnel Precursors
bulletBob Currie
bulletOrigin of a Secret Room
bulletFrom Santa Claus To Lions
bulletMultiple Molestations: Devils, a Dead Baby, and a Ghost
bulletTunnel Therapy
bulletThe District Attorney's Excavation
bulletAnalysis of the Report on the 186 (minus one page) Manhattan Tunnel Project (MTP) by E. Gary Stickel
bulletMTP Archeological Methodology Employed by E. Gary Stickel
bulletSite Contamination By Manhattan Tunnel Project
bulletPhotographic Documentation of the MTP Archeological Procedures
bulletStickel's Conclusions About the Evidence He Claims to Have Obtained from the Archeological MTP Project
bulletThe Missing Tunnel
bulletEstimating Dates of "Tunnel" Artifacts

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