Multiple Molestations: Devils, a Dead Baby, and a Ghost

Approximately three weeks after the day, September 7, 1983, that Ray Buckey was arrested for alleged sex abuse, the Manhattan Beach Police department sent out a letter to 200 parents asking them to assist in their ongoing investigation.

Also at that time, Jackie McGauley enrolled her two-year-old daughter in the school's morning program. On the school's pre-admission form McGauley wrote that her child had irregular bowel movements and that she was shy and "doesn't talk much, plays by herself" with the exception of her younger brother and several friends.

Her daughter attended morning classes twice weekly from September 28, 1983 until the following January when the owners voluntarily shut down operations. McGauley waited until after the school closed and long after rumors about alleged sex abuse had run rampant through the local community to take her child to Children's Institute International for an interview.

A March 29, 1984 summary of the daughter's CII interview transcript reveals a similar pattern of abuse allegations: "Yuckie" games (like the tickle game and the Naked Movie Star Game); threats not to tell; vaginal penetration; being tied up; bunnies, turtles, a cat, a dog, and an elephant were involved; the bunnies were hurt by the teachers. A medical examination by the CII physician, Dr. Astrid Heger, who also conducted the interview, resulted in a diagnosis of sex abuse.130

McGauley later revealed to police that her daughter had not accused any of the McMartin teachers prior to going to CII. But McGauley, like many other McMartin parents who sent their children to CII, retrospectively viewed a wide range of "symptoms" of molestation in her daughter. The symptoms included nightmares, dislike of school, asthma and a withdrawn nature. "She hated school. She had asthma so bad that the doctors couldn't believe it. They said it couldn't be asthma."

The inability of her daughter to speak at the time when she was two years, four months old and in school was now seen as a symptom of sex abuse. "She wouldn't talk. She would not talk about anything." Miraculously, the child became talkative after her CII interview. "All of the sudden she knew how to talk in sentences," McGauley recalled. "She wouldn't let me out of her sight, because she had been told that I would die if she ever said anything."

McGauley's allegations, made on behalf of her daughter, became increasingly bizarre as months passed by:

July 11, 1984: McGauley told investigators that her daughter said Ray took her to a restroom located on the beach and that she saw bunnies at a YMCA in a neighboring city. (Other children had previously claimed that rabbits had been harmed to silence them.)

July 19, 1984: McGauley reported that someone was harassing her to prevent her from talking about abuse at the preschool. She developed that theory from the presence of unauthorized horse racing charges on her credit cards, the theft of speakers from her car, and numerous hang up telephone calls even after she had changed her phone number.

July 23, 1984: McGauley informed DA's investigators that her daughter had seen Ray with a bloody face and wearing a "curtain like robe." Eggs were placed on her daughter's "boobs and vagina" while she was at school. There were four Rays, including "Mr. Ray" and "Old Ray." McGauley's daughter was taken by one of the Rays to McGauley's own home where he forced the child to touch her own cat. One of the Rays took the cat to school where he may have killed it. Ray poked the eyes out of kittens and killed a bird. Her daughter also witnessed a child being burned in a park.

July 25, 1984: McGauley reported that her daughter had been to a park and cemetery in a neighboring city. Inside the mortuary office she (McGauley) found a "great regulation clock" that her daughter had mentioned. Ray Buckey took her there. People in the area were wearing fire uniforms. A red truck was also there and ghosts were present.

July 27, 1984: McGauley now claimed that she had been having problems with her former boyfriend and that he had abused her when they were together. She told the investigator that the ex-boyfriend would accuse her of threatening him.

Mid August, 1984: McGauley contacted CII again to report that her former boyfriend may have molested or pornographically photographed her children. The possible molestation began in May, just after she had left her husband and during a month long period when she and her children lived with the boyfriend. McGauley's suspicions arose, she said, after noticing that her daughter's vaginal area was red, and after finding child pornography belonging to the boyfriend. But the time the vaginal redness (which is not necessarily indicative of sexual abuse) supposedly occurred did not coincide with the boyfriend's stay at McGauley's home. (McGauley also told Kee MacFarlane that her children had visited their father over the weekend and that when they returned home her daughter cried while using the bathroom. Once again, McGauley observed that her daughter's vaginal area was "red and inflamed.")

The child pornography was allegedly contained among adult pornography in a box of magazines and magazine photos stored in McGauley's garage. One of the magazines, McGauley told MacFarlane, was called Lolitots and some of the alleged photos showed adults having sex with animals. But the alleged pornography was found and reported two months after the boyfriend had left. And instead of calling the police, McGauley handed the kiddie porn over to Bob Currie, for "safe keeping." Currie called CII and told Kee MacFarlane that he had the photos. She advised Currie to inform the Manhattan Beach Police Department and he refused — insisting that four or more of its officers were involved in the alleged McMartin "porno ring."

In a taped interview with Kee MacFarlane, using "anatomically correct dolls," McGauley's daughter allegedly said that the boyfriend had touched her on her "pee pee" and "boobies." Dr. Heger's medical examination uncovered vaginal "trauma," already noted in a previous CII medical examination (March 84), as well as a reddened introitus with some "possible abrasions." Based on CII reports, police concluded that both children had findings that were "consistent with sexual misuse."

Police searched the boyfriend's car, office, and apartment but evidence of child pornography was not found. McGauley obtained the alleged child porn magazines from Currie and handed them over to the Hermosa Beach Police Department a week later. Police wrote that finger prints on several "juvenile pornographic" magazines matched the finger prints of McGauley's boyfriend. However, the police property report that describes items taken from the boyfriend during police searches makes no listing of juvenile pornographic magazines. Nor does it list any nude photos of minors.

August 20, 1984: McGauley told DA's investigators that her daughter had recognized another area preschool that she claimed to have been taken to. Her daughter now spoke of devils and a good lady dressed in white. She fearfully recalled going to an area cemetery where people were dressed in red. She talked about a pig in a sandy park with blue dead people and cut up bodies.

May 20, 1985: McGauley told a county sheriff's investigator that her daughter had reported being molested another time. This time her daughter disclosed being abused by a teacher at the Richstone Center, a preschool for sexually abused children that had been recommended by Children's Institute International. The school's owners were deeply intertwined in the McMartin case; the wife as the therapist for some of the alleged victims, and her husband as an attorney representing various parents in civil lawsuits against McMartin school.

The alleged abuse took place almost a year prior to the report, during a class. "It was on a Wednesday," McGauley remembered. "She said she didn't want to go. She said they hurt her. They hurt the bottom of her feet."

The teachers had placed sticks in her daughter's anus and one of them had abandoned her on a boat in a swimming pool and took her to a local church. "She has been saying things all along," McGauley explained to the officer, "but it didn't make much sense until she made the statements this morning. I don't want to tell you because I think it would be much better if she told you herself." At first the now four-year-old child didn't respond to the officer's questions or to her mother's coaxing.

McGauley then sat her daughter on her lap and tried again to coax the story out of her. "Tell Deputy Allen how they hurt your feet," she pleaded, but to no avail.

McGauley then asked her daughter to demonstrate the abuse to the deputy. The child responded by pinching and poking at her feet bottoms, still without saying a word. When both mother and deputy asked her who had hurt her feet she finally spoke, giving the names of Ray Buckey and another teacher. Both teachers worked at the McMartin preschool, not Richstone. "She's always saying Mr. Ray," McGauley explained. "It's been a long time and she has been through a lot. She gets confused sometimes."

The child finally became more relaxed and told the deputy that there were four other children, who she didn't know, with her during the alleged abuse. McGauley's son had also attended the school but his sister said that he was never abused.

McGauley told the deputy that, for awhile, she observed her daughter's class at Richstone but that after a new teacher came the visits were no longer permitted. Her daughter attended class only three or four additional times after that — the time during which the alleged molestations would had to have happened. When the deputy concluded his interview with the child, only the mother had mentioned the Richstone teacher by name.

The matter was referred to the Hermosa Beach Police department and the outcome is unknown.

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