The Accusation

That all started to change on August 12, 1983 when Judy Johnson called police to report that her two-and-one-half-year-old son had reported being molested by Ray Buckey, Peggy Buckey's 25-year-old son. Detective Jane Hoag of the Manhattan Beach Police Department investigated the call. She interviewed Johnson's son and called 12 other McMartin parents referred to by Johnson; the boy was unable to pick out Ray from class photos and none of the other parents had reason to believe that their children had been sexually abused.6 Medical examinations of the boy also failed to discover evidence of sexual abuse.7 Several searches conducted by Hoag and other officers resulted in the confiscation of normal household items including a rubber duck, a graduation gown (later unconvincingly described by the prosecution as evidence of satanism) and some photos cut out of Playboy magazine.8 Despite the weak evidence, Hoag arrested Buckey on September 7, 1983. However, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office told Hoag she needed to gather more evidence and declined to prosecute.9

The Dark Truth About the "Dark Tunnels of McMartin"

bulletThe Beginning
bulletThe Accusation
bulletThe Letter
bulletChildren's Institute International
bulletHysteria Spreads
bulletNews Media Coverage and National Hysteria
bulletFollowing the Money
bulletDr. Roland C. Summit
bulletSatanic Trappings and the Search for The Secret Rooms and Tunnels
bulletIncredibly Weak Evidence
bulletSummit Defends MacFarlane's Interviews of the McMartin Children, Without Reviewing the Interviews
bulletJudy Johnson's Increasingly Bizarre Behavior
bulletThe Trial Verdicts
bulletParents Begin Search For Tunnels
bulletRevisionist History: Judy Johnson and The Dark Tunnels of McMartin
bulletThe Third McMartin Trial
bulletEthics, Professors, Indiana Jones, Switzerland, and Early (Very Early) Man
bulletTunnel Precursors
bulletBob Currie
bulletOrigin of a Secret Room
bulletFrom Santa Claus To Lions
bulletMultiple Molestations: Devils, a Dead Baby, and a Ghost
bulletTunnel Therapy
bulletThe District Attorney's Excavation
bulletAnalysis of the Report on the 186 (minus one page) Manhattan Tunnel Project (MTP) by E. Gary Stickel
bulletMTP Archeological Methodology Employed by E. Gary Stickel
bulletSite Contamination By Manhattan Tunnel Project
bulletPhotographic Documentation of the MTP Archeological Procedures
bulletStickel's Conclusions About the Evidence He Claims to Have Obtained from the Archeological MTP Project
bulletThe Missing Tunnel
bulletEstimating Dates of "Tunnel" Artifacts


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