Number 1 - Winter 1993


Revisiting Country Walk
Debbie Nathan

Medical Findings and Child Sexual abuse
Richard A. Gardner

Revising the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
Richard A. Gardner

Nurses' Attitudes Toward the Child Victims and the Perpetrators of Emotional, Physical, and Sexual Abuse
Ann H. Seidl, Marietta P. Stanton, Adele Pillitteri, Carol Smith, & Barbara Boehler

Misuse of Psychophysiological Arousal Measurement Data
Jack S. Annon

"Occult Cop"
Randy Emon

Cross-examination of Child Witnesses
Joel Erik Thompson

Book Reviews:

Violence Hits Home: Comprehensive Treatment Approaches to Domestic Violence
(by Sandra M. Smith, Mary Beth Williams, and Karen Rosen)
Reviewed by Felicity Goodyear-Smith

Child Abuse Errors, When Good Intentions Go Wrong
(by Dennis Howitt)
Reviewed by D. Long

Knowing Children: Experiments in Conversation and Cognition
(by Michael Siegal)
Reviewed by Ralph Underwager

The Orkney Child Abuse Scandal, Suffer the Little Children
(by D.H.S. Reid)
Reviewed by D. Long


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