Appendix B: The Number of Children

The number of children are shown in tables B1, B2, and B3.  This counting was carried out by registering the number of children first ("newly") encountered in each series of magazines, so that the counting in any one series was completed before counting in the next series was started.  Because some of the children are depicted in more than one series, and their appearance in the first series counted is registered, but not in subsequent appearances, counting in a different order would have yielded a different number per series without changing the total.  In some of the magazines, all the photographs were of children already encountered, so that these magazines contributed nothing ("0",) to the total, in the order in which they were counted.

The following categories were not counted:

(1) photographs of persons who were apparently beyond puberty,
(2) a small number of antiquarian photographs,
(3) photographs made on naturist reserves, in which the children were not posing,
(4) portraits and clothed children.198

Because of the poor quality of many of the reproductions, many children were difficult to recognize, and it is likely that double counting occurred.  Taking Braches' figures as our guide, the material comprised more than a quarter of the European material, which we estimate to be about a fifth of the world production.  We did not count American material, of which we could not obtain sufficient examples, or the English material since it consisted mostly of pirate publications.  The share of Danish, German, Dutch and Swedish material in our sample is proportional to their share of the total European production.

Table B1
Number of Children, Girl Magazines

Title Country of origin Number of issues Number of "new"
children scored

Children Love Denmark 16 120
Incest Netherlands 2 11
Bambina Sex Denmark 5 11
Linda & Patty Denmark 3 2
Lolita Love Sweden 4 4
Lolita Netherlands 36 666
Children Sex Denmark 2 48
Schoolgirls Netherlands 7 91
New School Action Netherlands 1 0
Skoleborn Denmark 13 80
Lolita Chick Netherlands 13 173
Lolita Sex Denmark 6 8
Nymph Lover Denmark 1 5
Lolita Special Denmark 5 6
Lolita Color [unknown] 2 7
Lolita Color Special Netherlands 4 0
Lolita's Pissing Netherlands 1 0
Lolita Masturbation Denmark 1 1
Fucking Children [unknown] 1 4

Total 123 1233
Average number of children per magazine: 10.0


Table B2
Number of Children, Boy Magazines

Title Country of origin Number of issues Number of "new"
children scored

David Netherlands 8 106
Tommy Germany 9 109
Piccolo Denmark 27 399
Chicken Sweden 3 41
Miniboys Sweden 3 10
Lover Boys Denmark 2 67
Lollipops Denmark 3 7
Joyboy Denmark 9 22
Lifeboy Denmark 3 32
Kim/Mick Germany 26 381

Total 93 1174
Average number of children per magazine: 12.6


Table B3
Number of Children, Boy and Girl Magazines Together

                                       Number of issues Number of "new"
children scored

Total 216 2407
Average number of children per magazine: 11.1

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